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The Type Of Brake Pads And The Purchase Method

- Aug 22, 2017 -

From the type of brake pads can be divided into two categories of disc and drum, and from the material points, the brake pads can be divided into asbestos, semi-metallic and non-asbestos organic.

1, asbestos type

Asbestos type brake pads are characterized by low cost and light weight, but the friction material of asbestos brake pads will release nano-sized heavy metal particles, which is an important source of air pollution and can cause lung cancer after being sucked into the lungs. Therefore, the state is obliged to produce Asbestos brake pads, the current market, such brake pads have been extinct.

2, semi-metal type

Semi-metallic hybrid brakes with its low price and durable features are widely used in the car, its temperature control ability, able to withstand higher braking temperature. However, due to its use of semi-metallic mixed material thermal conductivity is very strong, the temperature generated by the friction will eventually pass to the brake oil, leading to brake oil boiling to reduce the braking effect. At the same time, due to material reasons, semi-metallic brake pads in the braking noise will be relatively large, and the damage to the brake disc.

3, asbestos-free type

Non-asbestos-type brake pads, also known as NAO-type brake pads, the composition of the material has undergone several changes, the use of about 17 different combinations of materials (glass fiber, carbon, ceramics, etc.) ceramic brakes to ensure braking Performance, and in the wear resistance and noise, etc. have been greatly improved. Only due to the cost of the mixture material, resulting in a higher price of non-asbestos-based brake pads. According to the different models, which type of brake pads are different, and the same type of front and rear brake pads model is different, which requires us to buy brake pads in advance to understand the car brake models. And in the purchase of brake pads should also beware of the purchase of fake and shoddy products, the market in the brake pads good and bad, true and false difficult to identify, you need to have a strong ability to distinguish between true and false. Of course, you can also be more assured of choice to go to 4S shop to replace the original parts, but the cost of spare parts plus working hours is not low.

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