Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality flame retardants in China. Our company's main products are wet and dry ATH powder, low viscosity alumina hydrate, hydrated alumina for electrical wire and cables, alumina trihydrate, aluminum hydroxide. We have always been committed to becoming a quality flame retardant supplier. Wet and dry ATH powder is divided into two types according to the moisture content. This product is often used in water treatment, glass manufacturing, medicine, paper making, printing, aluminum fluoride, aluminum sulfate, alum, polyaluminum chloride and the like. Water purification around t
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  • Our history

    Shanghai Silkroad Industry CO.,LTD is one enterprise group which is established in Shanghai.


  • production equipment

    we have fully production line including mold development , high pressure machines,testing machines.

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    We have a wide variety of brake pads products to meet the demand of customers around the world.