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The Price Of Aluminium Hydroxide

- May 02, 2018 -

As a basic chemical raw material, aluminum hydroxide is a kind of bisexual hydroxide, which can react with acid and alkali under certain conditions. It is widely used and plays a role in many fields. Therefore, its price problem has become a concern of customers. The price of aluminum hydroxide is mainly affected by its raw materials. The industrial production methods for producing Al (OH) 3 are Bayer process, alkali lime sintering method, Bayer sintering combined with ammonium bicarbonate method. In the laboratory preparation, it can also be prepared by the reaction of soluble aluminum salt and ammonia water, and Al (OH) 3 is produced by reaction of sodium four hydroxyl aluminate and excess carbon dioxide. The materials used in these different production methods are different, so the price varies, so the cost of preparing Al (OH) 3 is different, which leads to the difference in the final price. The products of different granularity should be used in different industries, and there will be some differences in price; aluminum hydroxide has industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade. Two kinds of products are different in purity and so on, so the price is different. The price of aluminum hydroxide is influenced by many factors, so we can not choose the product from the price only. It should also take into account the specific field of use and the performance requirements of the product. Welcome to our company to purchase products of high quality and low cost.

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