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The General Situation Of The Market Development Of China's Quasi Thin Aluminum Industry In 2018

- Jun 22, 2018 -

According to the "2018 edition of China's Quasi thin water aluminum Market Research and future forecast report" published by standing wood information consulting, it shows that the pseudo boehmite, also known as pseudo water aluminite (also known as Al2O3), is a series of aluminum hydroxide chemical products with a thixotropic gel. The spatial structure of the pseudo boehmite is reticulate, and the single degree of the crystal microstructure is relatively high. At the same time, it also has strong adhesiveness and cohesiveness. Besides, it has a lot of characteristics, such as higher surface area and larger Kong Rong. Due to the physical properties of pseudo boehmite, most of its production life will be used as a desiccant, catalyst and carrier material, and its derivatives can be widely used in petrochemical, nitrogen fertilizer, environmental protection, pharmaceutical manufacturing and fireproof technical materials.

In the petrochemical industry, pseudo boehmite is often used as an adhesive in FCC catalyst. The quasi thin diaspore used in this area is more than 40 thousand tons every year in China, and the product quality requirements are not very high. The simple use of sodium chlorate solution carbonation can achieve the established requirements.

The pseudo boehmite is widely used as a catalyst carrier in chemical, oil refining and petrochemical reactions. The typical examples are the carrier of the hydrofining catalyst, the carrier of the reforming catalyst, the catalyst carrier of the methanation and so on.

The pseudo boehmite can also be dehydrated directly as a catalyst for 300-500 dehydration to gamma -Al2O3, which can be used as a catalyst, such as Claus sulfur recovery catalyst, ethanol dehydration catalyst, ethanol ammoniation and lipomation catalyst, isomerization catalyst, etc.


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