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The Four Basic Requirements Of The Brake Pads

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The four basic requirements of the brake pads

1. The appropriate coefficient of friction

The friction coefficient is the most basic parameter of the friction material, and determines the basic brake shoe braking torque. The national standard requires that the manufacturer must specify the coefficient of friction on the package. The friction coefficient must be appropriate, too high will cause the brake during the wheel lock, the direction of out of control and burning, too low the braking distance is too long. The friction coefficient of the Bosch safety brakes is 0.39.

2. Reliable safety (temperature resistance)

Brake pads produce instantaneous high temperatures during braking, especially at high speeds or in emergency braking. In the high temperature state, the friction coefficient of the friction plate will decline, known as the thermal decline. The level of thermal decay determines the safety of high temperature conditions and emergency braking.

3. Satisfied comfort (noise)

Comfort is a direct manifestation of friction performance, including brake feel, noise, dust, smoke, smell and so on. With the increase in private cars and the improvement of people's living standards, in the basic premise to meet the safety, comfort has become an important indicator of friction plate. In the comfort indicators, the owners are often most concerned about the noise of the brake pads, in fact, noise is the most difficult to solve all the friction material manufacturers. The noise is caused by the abnormal friction between the friction plate and the friction plate. The reason for this is that the braking force, the brake disc temperature, the vehicle speed and the climatic conditions are likely to be the cause of the noise. In addition, the noise at the beginning of the brake, brake implementation and brake release three different stages of the reasons are not the same. If the noise frequency is between 0 and 500 Hz,

The car will not feel, but if more than 1500Hz, the owner will be able to clearly feel the brake noise.

4. Reasonable life (wear rate)

Life is a common concern of the product targets. Usually the brake pads can guarantee a service life of 30,000 km. The large particles of graphite and brass used in Bosch brake pads can also reduce the wear on the brake discs. In order to meet the needs of different users, brake pads products are also diversified development, such as Bosch provides a "safe" and "comfortable" two series of products to meet different customer needs.

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