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The Aluminium Hydroxide For The Use Of Wire And Cable Industry

- May 04, 2018 -

  When the wire and cable are used in the construction engineering, the flame retardancy is an important parameter to test the product. If the insulating material does not have the flame retardancy, there may be some hidden dangers in the use of the insulation. Aluminum hydroxide micropowder is a kind of product with flame retardant function. What kind of application and influence does it have in wire and cable?
Because of the three functions of flame retardant, smoke elimination and filling, aluminum hydroxide micro powder has no two pollution during combustion. It has many advantages, such as good heat stability, non-toxic, no corrosion gas, less smoke and good flame retardant effect. As a flame retardant and filler, it is widely used in wire and cable.
Effect of mixing uniformity on properties of aluminum hydroxide wire and cable material:
In order to meet the flame retardancy requirements of halogen free and low smoke wire and cable standard, more than 50% aluminum hydroxide is needed. Aluminum hydroxide micro powder is a powder particle with a particle size of D50 less than 2um. The polymer is generally 2-3mm particles, and the difference between the two particles is large, and the particles are inorganic and organic, because this can guarantee the mixing of the materials during the mixing process. The uniformity will directly affect the mechanical properties and flame retardancy of wires and cables.
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