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Refining Of Activated Alumina Raw Materials

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Activated alumina contains elements aluminum and oxygen. If bauxite is chemically treated to remove silicon, iron, titanium and other oxides, the product is a high purity alumina raw material. The smelting purification is described below.

1. The main raw material of active alumina is industrial aluminium hydroxide. Its melting point increases with the increase of the content of industrial aluminium hydroxide. Generally, the melting point of the product is between 1700 and 1900 degrees C, and the melting point of the product is about 2050 degrees C. Therefore, the temperature of the electric furnace melt must be kept above 2050 C.

2. In the process of smelting and purifying active alumina, the smelting process of aluminium hydroxide in electric furnace is partly carried out. Electric energy conveyed to the furnace is basically divided into two aspects: high temperature arc heat, mainly used for melting furnace charge; and resistance heat of the melt, mainly to raise the temperature of the melt, so that the chemical reaction can proceed smoothly.

3. In the process of smelting activated alumina, the burden is roughly divided into three layers. The upper layer is the baking layer, the middle is the sintering layer, the lower is the melting layer, and the three layers are not completely separated. This is also the reason for sampling and adjusting the burden during the smelting process.

Through the content explained in this article, we can generally understand the refining and purification of activated alumina, we can do the actual operation according to the content explained in this article, I hope the content explained in this article will be helpful to everyone. The purchase needs of related activated alumina can be contacted with us.

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