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How To Test The Quality Of Aluminium Hydroxide

- May 07, 2018 -

For the quality of aluminum hydroxide,some of its performance indicators should be tested to ensure the effect.As one professional manufacturer of aluminuim hydroxider,we appreciate the quality of ATH very much in mind.
1, measurement of the value of oil absorption
Take the 5g aluminum hydroxide on the clean plane glass, then drop the pure castor oil into the aluminum hydroxide to be measured and stir until the aluminum hydroxide can be firmly adhered together, and the amount of the castor oil (ML), that is, the adsorption amount of the castor oil of 5g aluminum hydroxide, is then changed. The amount of adsorption of 100g aluminum hydroxide is measured, that is, the amount of oil absorbed.
2, measurement of the paste viscosity of unsaturated polyester
According to the mass ratio of 2:3 to a certain amount of unsaturated polyester and aluminum hydroxide, put in a beaker, put in a constant temperature glycerin bath, stirring paddle at the same stirring mode, stirring intensity, stirring long mixing material to make it mix evenly, after the mixed paste reaches the predetermined temperature, continue Thermal insulation 20min (because of the liquidity and heat transfer of unsaturated polyester is poor, so keep the temperature for a certain time to reach the uniform), after the temperature stability, the viscosimeter is used to measure the viscosity of the mixed paste.
3, measurement of density and density of loose assembly
Take the 10ml clean and dry measure, add aluminum hydroxide powder to 10ml, weigh and measure the density, then shake 100 times at the height of 30mm to measure the density.
The above content is only for reference. For the test of aluminum hydroxide, only the corresponding standard is reached, then high quality products can be made to ensure the full use of the effect.

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