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How To Maintain The Brake Pads

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Brake pads are critical to the safety of the vehicle, and any minimal negligence is dangerous, so it is important to treat it. The brake pads are an important part of the brake system, so its maintenance should also cause Our attention:

1, the number of mileage decided to replace the brake pads.

A car's brake effect is ultimately determined by the brake pads, so keep the brake pads in good condition is the most direct brake pads maintenance method. Brakes and brakes (drums) are of service life and must be replaced when they are worn to a certain extent. General urban traffic in the normal use of their life is about 50,000 km, the life of the brake pads in about 30,000 km, but the specific situation depends on the operation of the owner, it is best to check every 10,000 km.

2, regular replacement of brake oil.

Brake oil is in addition to brake pads, the impact of the braking system is far from the oil. In particular, pay attention to prevent the infiltration of water. Each driving 50,000 km should be replaced once the brake oil, if long-term driving in wet areas, oil change cycle should be appropriate to shorten.

3, the car when the deviation must be adjusted immediately.

When the car when the car obviously left or right deviation, which is caused by the front wheel brake is not synchronized, easy to brake left (right) and the accident, especially at high speed, you must immediately to the repair shop for braking Adjustment.

4, the new car should pay attention to brake pads running.

The new car in the early use of a run-in period, which is an indispensable part of the brake pads running. The new car's first 1000 km running is critical, the brake pads are also required to run, it is best not to have an emergency brake situation. In order to run smoothly, step on the brake before the first clutch to depress, but this is only a very period of expediency, after 1000 km, in order to extend the life of the clutch, or to "first brake away."

5, mountain road downhill can not frequent brakes.

In addition to the brake pads themselves related parts, oil inspection and maintenance, the driver's driving habits on the impact of the brake pads is also great, such as the mountain down the road did not row when the brake can not be frequent, this will make the brake pads Drums) fever and loss of braking function, you must hang low block glide, the use of engine traction auxiliary brake. At the same time to remember: can not turn off the taxi, the lack of engine vacuum power, brake pads is equal to "disabled."

Brake pads inspection and maintenance, not only pay attention to the work of the brake pads themselves, such as brake pads and brake oil performance and stability, but also pay attention to our driving staff driving habits, which has a significant impact on the quality of the brake pads

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