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How To Do The Rust On The Brake Pads

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Many people do not understand why the brake plate will rust, worry that will cause the brake performance. In fact, most of the family car brake pads are made of cast iron, do not like the body surface rust treatment, and also long-term exposure to sun and rain outside, poor working conditions, especially if parked for a long time, the surface is easy to generate some Rusty. This situation we can also 4S shop in the new car storage field to see, these are new cars, but long stay outdoors will have this situation.

General brake pads rust is actually a normal phenomenon, with the quality is not necessarily linked. But still have a certain impact on the braking system, but do not have to work, these owners can handle their own problems.

If only a slight rust, rust we can use a method of continuous braking during traveling, since the brake disc is by friction between the brake pads and brake calipers to brake, rust can be ground at a plurality of times the brake Go, of course, to do this in a safe road section. This is the "rust" method of mild rust.

If rust serious, the above method is not applicable, will find the brake pedal, steering wheel and other significant jitter, you have to go to a special deal with this situation, because the rust too "stubborn" when braking, not only "polish "No, barely for it will accelerate the wear brake pads. This situation we need to find a repair shop to remove the brake pads polished, the rust treatment clean.

Of course, rust too serious, even if the repair works will not do anything, so often in the vehicle owner must place the state every two months on the brakes once maintenance. So as to avoid serious corrosion of the brake pads, but also at any time to drive on the road.

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