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When the brakes appear abnormal sound is what reason

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The car is running, will send some sound, some are normal, some sounds are reminded us that the car may have some problems, such as driving the brakes issued a "slightly" or "beep" noise, this time we first Learn to analyze the reasons for this phenomenon:

(1) not installed silencer and cover sheet (the original car required);

(2) the installed silencer and cover sheet deformation, or stained with foreign body (rust);

(3) brake disc or brake drum wear to deformation or uplift, from the pit and so on;

(4) Brake calipers are partially stuck or the sliding block of the booster is partially lubricated;

(5) brake pads friction surface grease stains or stained with foreign matter;

(6) the use of non-compliance requirements of the brake pads;

(7) The newly replaced brake pad disappears with the brake disc surface and the brake pad after a few days of use, but if so, please check the relevant parts.

Above is a few more common brakes issued abnormal sound reasons, if these cases are excluded, or will be issued a noise, it is recommended that the owner will be sent to the 4S point or professional repair shop for system checks.

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