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How to use the new brake pads

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The replacement of the brake pads is a work that we have to do when we carry out the vehicle overhaul, but we will also find that it will be a little trouble at the first use, which requires a good run, so the main run-in steps include What?

1, looking for a good place to drive a small car brakes continue to work.

2, in the driving speed to 60 km / h, light on the brakes to medium power brake to reduce the speed to about 10 km / h speed.

3, release the brakes a few kilometers to make the brake pads, the film temperature a little cooling about.

4, repeat steps 2-4 above, at least 10 times.

The above method is more reasonable way to run the brake pads, need to pay attention to is not to use the brakes continue to run the way, that is, the left foot brake running mode, while the new brake pads if the performance can be replaced by excellent high boiling point brakes Oil brake effect will be better.

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