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How to distinguish true and false brake pads

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Many of the private owners of the warranty period are like to auto parts for small maintenance, the reason is nothing more than cheap, time-saving is also convenient. For this choice we are not opposed, because there are many foreign owners will visit the fast repair shop, after all, for a small maintenance will go to the store is a bit of trouble. But in the shop car to involve the quality of the problem, in the reputable place to say, but if you run into a black heart shop, consumers will have to keep their eyes, so we teach you how to quickly distinguish between true and false Brake method.

1, genuine:

The surface is rough and the color is slightly deep. On both sides of the friction plate will have a diversion slot. The back of the font engraved clear, the overall fine craft. Outer box printing color bright and unbiased color, paper tough, with laser anti-counterfeit labels.

2, fake:

Looks very rough surface, but it feels better than the real friction. And the color is slightly shallow, which also mixed with a large number of impurities, both sides of the diversion slot. The back of the grease storage tank is directly penetrated, you can see bare friction plate.

3, harm:

Fake brake pads will lead to an increase in braking distance of more than 30%, continuous braking brake pads after the sharp rise in temperature, in case of rainy day braking force will be significantly reduced, friction material will lead to excessive braking discs accelerated wear, emergency braking May cause the brake friction plate to crack or fall off, eventually leading to brake failure.

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