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How to distinguish between the ceramic brake and the ordinary brake

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Shanghai Tianshun Industrial Co., Ltd is a group company, was established in Shanghai. Our company mainly deals in automotive parts, such as ceramic brake pads. Ceramic brake is a brake, including mineral fiber, aramid fiber and ceramic fiber (because the steel fiber will rust, noise and dust, thus can not meet the requirements of the ceramic formula), other than the brake light color more and more expensive, ceramic brake cleaner and quiet. Provide excellent braking performance at the same time, do not wear a dual.


At first, many consumers would mistakenly think that made of ceramics, ceramic brake is actually from the metal ceramic rather than the principle of non metal ceramic brake pads, due to the high speed heavy braking, high temperature, on the friction surface according to the determination, can reach 800 to 900 degrees, some even higher. At this high temperature, the surface of the brake disc will have a similar reaction of cermet sintering, which makes the brake disc have good stability at this temperature. The traditional brake pads will not generate sintering reaction at this temperature. Because of the sharp rise of surface temperature, the surface material will melt and even produce air cushion. This will cause the brake performance to decrease sharply or the brake will lose completely after continuous braking.


The brake pads are caused by ordinary semi metal and small metal materials, these materials caused by the high temperature Pinai braking capacity is relatively low, easy to rust, the substrate is relatively hard, easy to damage the disc brake noise, the phenomenon of poor comfort. The main features of ceramic brake are strong power, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low dual wear, and much better performance than ordinary brake pads.

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