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Ceramic brakes and ordinary brakes how to distinguish

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Brake pads are very important auto parts in the car brake system. Normal driving conditions, each driving 5,000 km to check the brake pads, not only to check the thickness, but also to check the wear of the brake pads, both sides of the same level of wear and tear, the return is free, etc., found that the normal situation must be disposed of immediately. Auto parts on the current auto brake pads for the ordinary brake pads and ceramic brakes, many owners have doubts about this, in the end ceramic brakes and what is the difference between ordinary?

First of all from the material above: ceramic brakes are made of ceramic materials, and ordinary brake pads are made of semi-metal and small metal materials

Second, from the nature of the characteristics: the ceramic is a high temperature, good thermal stability of the material, so the ceramic brake pads are relatively strong braking ability, dual wear less; ordinary brake pads temperature resistance is low, easy to rust, Material hard, easy to break, resulting in brake discs have abnormal sound, comfort than the general.

Followed by the price: the ordinary brake pads dozens to hundreds of months, the price is moderate; ceramic brakes are more than a few hundred dollars, buy depends on the brand quality, the price is high, but the quality is guaranteed The

Finally, the applicable models: ordinary brake pads for most of the vehicles, ceramic brakes are suitable for high-end models, as well as get more cars, change car enthusiasts favorite.

In addition, the thermal retardation of ordinary brake pads is slower than that of ceramic brakes, and it is easy to cause the braking distance to be longer in the case of high-speed driving or long downhill. But the ceramic brakes are currently hard, install some models have abnormal sound. According to industry experts explained that the current lack of compatibility caused by the brake system, which is currently there are many European brands choose a traditional traditional brake pads a reason. Finishing up, the performance of ceramic brakes better than ordinary brake pads, but the price is also a lot of money. Which is better, how to apply.

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