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Brake pads technical performance indicators

- Dec 26, 2017 -

(一)Ceramic brake pads

The main technical performance of ceramic brake pads: friction coefficient of 0.25-0.45; wear rate of 0.2-0.4; life of 40,000 km or more; no noise; heat decline ≤ 20%; slight damage to the brake disc; low cost.

1, high temperature: in the braking process, the maximum temperature can reach 350 degrees, the brake pads will not change its performance (friction coefficient and wear rate), brakes will not appear cracked.

2, wear and dual damage: 3 - 500000 km should be very wear-resistant, more important is not eating the brake disc, running very uniform.

3, no noise: we call the brake did not sound.

4, no black foam: brake, the roulette will not have black powder, eliminating the driver's troubles.

5, uniform and even brake action: brake when you hit the brakes, you will feel and sensitive, comfortable.

6, smooth braking process: smooth, uniform and safe braking effect.

(二)Semi-metallic brake pads

1, do not hurt the disk. National dual brake disc hardness: 180-220HB, brake pads now we have product hardness: 40-60HB, 100,000 km dual disk wear about 0.6 --- 0.75 mm or so;

2, stable performance, safety. From 100 to 350 degrees National friction coefficient: 0.20-0.70 The friction coefficient of the product is stable at: 0.32-0.40, the national wear rate is specified from 100 to 350 degrees coefficient: 0.05-3.00, between our 0.2-0.45. Far better than the national standard. Stability is about 10 times higher than the national standard.

3, long life, cheap. Life expectancy is generally 30,000 to 50,000 km. Than the same quality product cost is higher.

4, the friction coefficient of 0.38, braking sensitivity is good.

5, the quality of the end. Endless material design, quality from end to end.

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