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Use Of Aluminum Hydroxide As A Filler For Hydrogen Peroxide

- May 28, 2018 -

Aluminum hydroxide filler has the characteristics of low wear, small floating powder, large surface area and strong regenerative ability, so it has become the ideal auxiliary product of the current hydrogen peroxide industry. Compared with ordinary activated alumina ball drier, although the process of raw materials is basically the same, there are still great differences in processing requirements.

The special aluminum hydroxide filler for the production of hydrogen peroxide is also a white spherical porous material; it has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, ester, hydrocarbon, alcohol, and other organic solvents. It has the characteristics of non powdery, unchangeable, high clarification and long service life in water and alkali.

In the process of producing hydrogen peroxide, it has the advantage of degrading and regenerating anthraquinone derivatives in the working fluid, and is a special adsorbent for the production of hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone method. The production of the degradation products of the working liquid in the anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide production by the production of active alumina with hydrogen peroxide is used, especially the production device of palladium catalyst and three components of nickel catalyst. In addition to the adsorption of hydrogen peroxide in the working fluid, it also has strong regeneration capacity for the hydrogenated degradation products of the working fluid.

Aluminum hydroxide filler can convert the degradation products of hydrogenated reaction into effective anthraquinone, which ensures the stability of the total effective anthraquinone, is beneficial to the oxidation reaction, reduces the amount of anthraquinone and saves the production cost. Moreover, the service life is long, not broken, not powdered, and it can be used for 60-90 days in the hydrogen peroxide production process.

At present, the application range of aluminum hydroxide filler is widely covered. It can not only be used as a hydrogen peroxide auxiliary agent, but also can be used as a flame retardant. It can also play a role in the fields of paper making, chemical raw materials, artificial marble and so on.

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