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The Reasons For The Whiteness Of High Temperature Alumina

- Jun 22, 2018 -

It should be said that high temperature alumina has its special color, usually white, but also when there are other colors, such as yellow, it is very bad for it, so we should try to solve it.

1. Before producing high temperature alumina, it is necessary to ensure the stability and purity of raw materials. In the process of production, the suitable granularity and granularity distribution of high temperature alumina will be affected without its chroma.

2, because the high temperature alumina is one of the main filler of the composite materials such as high grade artificial stone and artificial agate, many such as particle size, quality of sodium silicate solution, carbon dioxide gas quality, washing process and so on, will affect the chromaticity.

Therefore, at the time of production, the high temperature alumina in all aspects is very important to us, not only to pay attention to its use and efficacy, but also to pay much attention to its external aspects, so that more people will use it.

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