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The Life Of Ceramic Brakes

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Ceramic brake pads as the rise of the new brake pads in recent years, its life is more concerned about the issue. We all know that the life of ordinary brake pads, with the owner's driving habits have a great relationship, in general, as long as the driving method is appropriate, do not frequent brakes, front wheel brake pads used in the length of 40,000 km, Round brake pads in the 80,000 km or so (this is because the car when the car will focus on the forward dumping), every 5,000 km to check the brake pads. So how long can the ceramic brakes be used:

(1) ceramic brake pads are made of ceramic fiber, iron-free filler material, adhesive and a small amount of metal, the material heat dissipation, the friction coefficient is higher than the friction coefficient of metal brakes, therefore, the use of ceramic brake pads Life is significantly higher than the ordinary brake pads.

(2) ceramic brakes using a unique formula only 1 to 2 kinds of static powder, the other materials are non-static material, so that the powder will be with the movement of the vehicle was the wind away, on the brake disc There will be no scraper (ie scratches), thus reducing the wear and tear, the service life will have a relative extension.

(3) friction coefficient is the most important friction material performance indicators, the relationship between the brake pads braking ability is good or bad. In the braking process due to friction heat, the working temperature increases, the general brake pads friction material by the temperature, the friction coefficient began to decline. In the practical application will reduce the friction, thereby reducing the braking effect. Ordinary brakes friction material is not mature, the friction coefficient is too high caused by the direction of the brake out of control, burned, scratched brake disc and other unsafe factors. And even if the brake disc temperature up to 650 degrees, the ceramic brake pads friction coefficient is still 0.45-0.55 or so, to ensure that the vehicle has a good braking performance. This will not only avoid the emergence of some insecurity, but also extend the life of the entire braking system.

Therefore, the life of ceramic brakes is much higher than the ordinary brake pads, and now online kind of argument, the use of ceramic brake pads can be replaced for life, in fact, this argument is a bit absolute, this depends on personal driving habits, etc. The actual situation to the specific analysis.

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