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New Trends And New Trends Of Amorphous High Temperature Refractories

- Jun 22, 2018 -

The amorphous high temperature refractory is an indispensable basic material for the development of high temperature industry, such as iron and steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, machinery, chemical, electric power, medicine, transportation, military industry, space space and so on. According to the needs of the national industrial structure, it is necessary to speed up the development mode of the refractory high temperature refractory industry, based on the needs of the development of high temperature industry in our country, strictly control the technical content and application performance of the refractory high temperature refractory material, and develop high quality synthetic, modified raw materials and longevity around the development demand of high temperature industry and new industry. Life, pollution-free, ultra high temperature and functional energy saving type refractory high temperature refractory materials. The development of a new type of long-life, unshaped high temperature refractory, which is suitable for the key parts of advanced industrial technology and equipment, is developed.

In order to develop high temperature refractory materials, we should have scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the technological innovation of materials and the cooperation and innovation of production, study and research, cultivate the new type of refractory high temperature refractory material, UNQUALITATIVE the development of high temperature refractory technology, follow the tide of the times, as the outstanding representative of the amorphous high temperature refractory technology. The research and development of high temperature refractory paint needs professional technical experts. It has long research and development time and large amount of money. It also needs large professional laboratory and supporting high temperature experimental equipment. The high temperature resistant refractory coating is developed successfully. It represents a enterprise and even represents the level of technology and technology of a country. The domestic amorphous high temperature refractory materials are developed, produced and sold at home and abroad. The amorphous high temperature refractories are the most advanced in the world. All kinds of amorphous high temperature refractories are the first ones in the world. There are 86 series of ZS series of unshaped high temperature refractory materials. There are world class coatings research laboratories and research and development of high-tech coatings. The technical level has been in the forefront of the world, with a number of core patent patents, and the establishment of a new research institute for new materials and technologies - and the design and construction of international standard R & D research and development platform and simulated experimental industrial working condition platform, which can further stabilize the quality and performance of the high temperature refractory coatings for the uncertain ZS series. The rapid development of high temperature special materials and high-temperature special coatings should be optimized, and the common progress of high temperature industry will be promoted together.

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