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New Skills, Aluminum Hydroxide Used In The Dyestuff Industry

- Jun 08, 2018 -

New skills, aluminum hydroxide used in dyestuff industry, fast onlookers!

Recently, scientists have discovered another unique phenomenon and application of aluminum hydroxide, which is used in the dye industry and plays an important role in the dye.

It is understood that aluminum hydroxide has a positive effect on dye industry, and one of the most important reasons is that it reduces the charge effect and printing efficiency of dyestuff dyeing.

Cellulose fibers have a surface potential in neutral or weak alkali dyeing baths, which produce a charge repulsion with the direct dye anions. After adding electrolyte, a large number of positive charge sodium ions are produced in the dye, which keeps the charge neutral with the dye anions and eliminates the obstacles in the dyeing process. With the addition of aluminum hydroxide, the dye molecules are contacted closely with the surface of the fiber to reduce the concentration difference near the interface of the dye and fiber, thus improving the dye uptake and printing efficiency, greatly reducing the production cost and improving the quality of the products.

The dyeing process of aluminum hydroxide dyes can be divided into three stages: active adsorption, alumina diffusion and fixation dyeing. In the adsorption stage, the dye should not be too fast to color. If the electrolyte is added at the adsorption stage, it may cause the dyestuff to accumulate and cause the uneven dyeing, and the electrolyte is added in the middle, which can not only avoid too fast, but also increase the percentage of dyeing.

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