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Morphology And Application Field Of Aluminum Hydroxide Micropowder

- May 16, 2018 -

By controlling the growth of original grains of aluminum hydroxide products by seed separation process, ultrafine aluminum hydroxide powder with complete grain size, narrow particle size distribution and high whiteness can be obtained.

The micromorphology of aluminum hydroxide micro powder is round and smooth, the surface activity is large, the size distribution is reasonable, the material is cheap and beautiful. It has the characteristics of low oil absorption, low viscosity, high dispersity, high fluidity, high addition and high flame retardancy in the use of the ingredients. It can significantly reduce the amount of resin and improve the flame retardancy and insulation of the final product. Significantly reducing the overall production cost of final products, products are widely used in SMC/DMC moulded plastics, epoxy / silicone rubber packaging, grille, profiles and other industries.

Aluminum hydroxide powder can be used as the filling and coating of high grade copper plate. After surface treatment, the product has good compatibility and dispersion in polymer materials. It also has high temperature loss, absorbs a lot of heat, takes the effect of anti temperature, smoke suppression and smoke elimination, and can also be used as a new inorganic material such as rubber and plastic. Flame retardants.

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