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How To Reduce The Oil Absorption Rate Of Aluminum Hydroxide Micro Powder

- May 10, 2018 -

As a high grade flame retardant, aluminium hydroxide micro powder is widely used in electrical wire and cable, building materials and other industries. In addition to the effect of flame retardant and smoke elimination, the anti electric leakage, electric arc resistance and wear resistance of the products are obviously enhanced.

The oil absorption rate is one of the important indexes to control the quality of aluminum hydroxide powder. It is the main factor affecting the viscosity of the slurry in the use of aluminum hydroxide as a filler, and it is a product that needs a certain processing performance and mechanical properties. The filling ratio of aluminum hydroxide with low oil absorption rate is higher during processing. In the process of the production of flame retardant products, the greater the proportion of aluminum hydroxide powder added, the lower the cost of products, more important is the better performance of the products, such as higher surface hardness and low thermal expansion coefficient, at the same time, it also has the advantages of reducing the curing heat, reducing the cracking of the products and improving the flame retardancy.

The oil absorption rate is determined by the particle morphology, the degree of crystallization and the distribution of the particle size of the aluminum hydroxide powder. In general, the oil absorption rate can be reduced by adjusting the decomposition process of the product during the crystallization process and changing the operating conditions of the following steps, such as filtration, dispersion and drying.

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