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How To Identify The Brake Pads Are Good Or Bad

- Aug 22, 2017 -

First, the formula added ceramic fiber is the ceramic formula?

No. Ceramic fiber is only one of the commonly used fibers in the brake pads, as well as metal fibers, mineral fibers, wood fibers, aramid fibers and so on, their role is to connect a variety of fillers, like when the rural mud wall to add Straw.

Second, the brake film is how the noise is going on?

Noise is mainly frequency resonance, if the two materials or parts of the inherent frequency of the same, it is easy to produce resonance. Brake pads alone to solve the noise is very simple, a separate solution to the service life is very simple, alone is not easy to solve the disk is not easy. Noise generated a lot of factors, the entire brake assembly system is the cause of noise, brake disc selection improper, disk wear serious and so will cause noise, in many cases, we are wronged the brakes.

Third, the feeling of metal content on the hard, hard certainly noisy, and some garage is so to say, right?

wrong. Many of these claims are auto repair factory, not scientific. The United States car car is mainly semi-metal formula, all contain a lot of metal, you heard a lot of noise? Noise and soft and hard is not directly related to the disc and noise is only that product formulation is not mature, and the number of metal has nothing to do. In fact, the metal material in the formula is mainly from the role of connecting filler and thermal conductivity, at the same time, their own hardness and disk is not much difference, will not cause large wear on the disk, the real disc and increase the braking capacity is not you see To the metal, but you can not see those hardness hardness than the brake disc is also harder filler filler, they are actually emery, and your common sandpaper, grinding wheel belongs to the same material.

Four, why some disk grinding a road groove it? Is not the brakes hard?

Brake plate hardness of the country has a standard, the basic Shore hardness between 35 to 70. This hardness is not the main cause of your brake disc wear. Brake in the grinding agent is the main component of wear plate. Brake pads are not caused by serious hard disk wear and tear reasons, the culprit is a low cost of grinding agent.

Five, I bought 70 dollars of the brake effect is also very good ah? Brake effect is good ah

Brake pads to achieve the braking capacity is very simple. It is necessary in the high temperature, emergency, high speed, rain state still have to maintain the stability of the brakes, this is difficult. And the original car, but also requires comfort, noise, environmental protection and so more indicators, which makes the brakes difficult. So, your simple normal driving feeling good, does not mean you in a variety of emergency situations, its safety performance to achieve the effect of your original car brake pads. To tell the truth, your car the original car running 4,5 years for a set of brake pads, if you say only 70 dollars, do you think this profit can feed the brake pads factory? Of course not, can not do? You know.

Six, brakes as long as no noise, stop the car is not on the line? Is it so mysterious?

The above said, alone to solve the noise is very simple. But the main function of the brake pads is not a noise problem, but a safe one. Now the market is too much attention to the noise and ignore the main function of the brake pads. As for everyone said that the brake is not on the line? It is on the line, but you may not have thought, you can stop the road in the car, can brake at normal speed, but you can brake in the case of emergency braking it? Can you stop the car at a high temperature of continuous braking at Panshan? Can you keep the braking distance 100 kilometers per hour on rainy days? And the original car brake pads must be guaranteed that we need the safety of the time when the stability of the braking capacity. This point, I believe that many people think that the car on the line did not think of the owner.

Seven, brake pads short life is how is it? Why in the case of emergency braking products, poor braking distance?

A: As with all objects, the intermolecular link strength of the material is reduced at high temperatures. Brake brake is the principle of the kinetic energy to friction into the heat to achieve the brake (energy balance theory), so the brake pads and disk friction generated by a lot of heat will accumulate in the friction surface of the brake pads, the original car brake In order to achieve sufficient strength in this high temperature brake, it is necessary to use high temperature resistant resin, high purity graphite, high purity barium sulfate and other materials, and these materials are like you choose from a car only the same size Like coal, the cost will rise sharply. The poor quality of the brake pads, they will not use such high-end materials, so they can not guarantee stability at high temperatures, and with the speed of the increase, the heat more, higher temperature, lower link strength, Dynamic capacity, the performance of the brake distance extension. So, you are in the city 20 to 60 km speed state of driving that can be the brake pads, does not mean that you are in the high-speed state has the same stable braking distance performance. When the molecular chain in the high temperature state after the link strength is reduced, the wear and tear to speed up, which is why the mountain or often brakes under the general brand brake pads life is very short reason.

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