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How To Identify Ceramic Brakes

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Many riders will initially mistakenly believe that ceramic brakes are made of ceramic, in fact, ceramic brakes from the cermet rather than non-metallic ceramic principle, the brake pads due to high-speed brake, the friction surface to produce high temperature, according to the determination , Can reach 800 to 900 degrees, and some even higher. At this high temperature, the surface of the brake disc will occur similar to the cermet sintering reaction, so that the brake pads at this temperature have good stability. And the traditional brake pads at this temperature will not produce sintering reaction, due to the surface temperature will increase the surface of the material will melt or even produce air cushion, which caused us in front of the brakes after a sharp reduction in brake performance or brake loss Happening.

Ceramic brake pads originated in F1 racing, F1 racing is a car in the state of the state of a game. In general, in the straight line, everyone's engine displacement is the same, the output power is similar, it is difficult to overtake, to go beyond the opponent's best way is to delay the brakes before entering the corner, so as to overcome the opponent in the fierce confrontation. But if the braking performance is not good, that car is bound to out of the track. Therefore, from the brake car brake pads must have a short braking distance, high temperature, wear and other characteristics.

There are a lot of people on the market by using the magnet to suck, to determine whether it is ceramic brakes. Magnet on the suction that is not ceramic, can not absorb the ceramic. In fact, this is some of the manufacturers of business personnel to mislead consumers. The real ceramic is at high temperatures, the brake disc surface will occur similar to the cermet sintering reaction, so that the brake pads at this temperature have good stability. And not the brake pads do not contain metal.

How to judge whether it is ceramic brakes?

First, look: ceramic brakes color gray, friction material delicate and uniform.

Second, smell: ceramic brakes without pungent odor.

Third, scraping: with a blade or saw blade scratch the edge of the brake pads, ceramic brake pads wear, so hard.

Fourth, try: installed on the car to see the brake effect is good, high-speed continuous braking, look at how the impact of high temperature brake. Ceramic brakes are the biggest feature of the brake effect is good, high temperature, wear. Mainly to see if these three requirements can be met. The other is used as a reference for identification, the key or to try, after all, our purpose is to use the brakes, rather than the brake film is what material to determine whether a formula for the ceramic type of material is mainly the performance of the material, but this material Refers to the use of raw materials is not what, but the performance of finished products.

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