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How Long Is The Brake Pad?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Often someone asked, how often the replacement of the most appropriate brake pads. This is a difficult question to answer. In addition to often run long-distance comparison of the provincial brake, the most important thing is the driving method is appropriate, such as driving ahead of the amount, if you can master, you will find that many times do not have to brakes. In general, a pair of brake pads with 100,000 km no problem, with good words, or even up to 150,000 km.

Replacement of brake pads Ceramic brakes

Because each driver is not the same as the brakes, it is difficult to define how long the brake pads need to be replaced. The only way is, in the routine inspection, look at the degree of wear of the brake pads, if the critical point, you have to immediately replace.

Disc brake pads are easier to replace. Remove the tires, loosen the brakes of the screws, you can win the brakes, and then put on a new, the whole process up to 5 minutes, and does not require any adjustment.

Drum brake replacement is slightly more difficult to remove the wheel, and then remove the brake drum, and then to replace the brake pads, pay attention to the new brake pads and brake drum between the coincidence of the situation, coincidence is not good, and sometimes need to polish ; When assembling, adjust the gap between the brake pad and the brake drum.

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