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What are the common car brake brake failure and how to deal with

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Brake common problems and solutions

1. Brake does not return

This phenomenon is that after depressing the brake pedal, the pedal does not return to its original position or relatively slowly. The reason for this phenomenon is mostly because the manifold piston is stuck due to the dirt, so long as the piston of the manifold can be handled, After handling the brake line, the air inside the brake fluid must be drained cleanly.

2.Brake softened

Brakes soft phenomenon is very common, many owners reflect their car has this phenomenon, this phenomenon is due to lack of brake oil, brake discs are relatively thin, there are air in the brake pipe, brake oil deterioration and so on. One of the most common is the brake fluid deterioration and lack of brake fluid.

3. Brake abnormal sound

Brake noise is mainly the vehicle driving the brakes, the brake system will issue a sharp metal friction (very jarring), it may be because the brakes thinning, brakes quality times, there are foreign body brake pads or brakes Rust and other lead, in general, a few foot brake noise will ease.

4.Brake failure

Braking failure is a very serious problem for a car. Normally, a brake failure will not occur unless there is some quality problem with the car or a brake system is malfunctioning. One of the reasons Needless to say, the brake failure and more related to the quality of the car. Of course, this kind of thing who do not want to run into, but in case of such a situation such as how to emergency? First of all, according to the speed of the car to control the direction of a gradual reduction of gear Use the engine brake, the speed gradually pulled down. When the speed is lower than 60KM / H, you can consider using the hand brake to slow down (speed too high prone to accidents).

5 feet.

There are two cases of pinch:

One is big! Force! Brakes feel the pedal feel when the pedal, which is normal, because ABS help you release the brake caliper brake.

The other is unusual wear brake disc, such as brake disc uneven appearance of the line. This situation can lead to a pop-up foot and a decrease in braking force. The solution is to replace the brake disc and brake pads as soon as possible.

6.Brake hard

Hard brake is generally the reason for the failure of the vacuum brake pump. Let 1.5T car produced -1G braking force is not a foot plus a little lever principle can be successful, but also need the help of vacuum brake pump. The vacuum brake pump has two chambers, one connected to the intake manifold and one connected to the outside atmosphere. When the engine work, intake manifold intake, fast flow, resulting in negative pressure, is negative pressure chamber. Another positive pressure chamber connected to the atmosphere, when the need for braking, the use of pressure difference between the two generated by assisting the brake fluid by applying pressure so that the brake pads and the brake disc friction to generate braking force.

If you lose this boost, then the full braking force will be applied by your foot. For people with kidney deficiency, this is a lot of pressure.

7.Brake bias
When braking, the steering wheel deflected, while the body also deviated from the straight track. That's because of uneven braking forces. It shows that the brake pads partial wear or brake pump damage.
Abrasion brake pad is generally caused by driving habits, if you often ESP in the case of a sharp turn in the same direction, the brake pad is prone to partial wear situation. (I do not know why you can look at the principle of ESP.)
Brake force pump is responsible for the distribution of brake components, if the failure, then the four wheels will get the same hydraulic pressure. If the road is not ideal circumstances, it is easy to have a variety of unpredictable consequences.

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