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The reason for the wear of ceramic brake pads is inconsistent

- Aug 22, 2017 -

We check the ceramic brake pads, sometimes found around the rear brake pads wear inconsistent, and now the car in different roads, different corners of the four wheel force, speed and so on are inconsistent, the braking force will be inconsistent, so the ceramic brake pads Wear and tear deviation is normal. Why is the wear of ceramic brakes will be inconsistent phenomenon?

① the speed of wear and tear is mainly with the ceramic brake pads and brake pads have a direct relationship between the material, so the brake film material is uneven is a possible.

② often turn the brakes, left and right wheel force imbalance, this will lead to wear inconsistency.

③ One side of the ceramic brake pads may be deformed.

④ brake cylinder return is inconsistent, such as one side of the pump back to the bolt dirty.

⑤ about the length of the brake tubing a little difference.

⑥ telescopic rod sealed by the rubber seal, but if the water or lack of lubrication, the bar can not be free to stretch, brake the outer side of the film can not leave the ceramic brake pads, brake pads will be additional wear;

⑦ brake braking time on both sides of the brake is inconsistent, or the brake itself, the brake caliper piston back bad, the entire brake system is not smooth, resulting in uneven brake fluid flow

⑧ four wheel positioning problem, may be four wheel positioning is not accurate, resulting in tire is not correct.

As the brake system is an important guarantee for car safety, including ceramic brakes and brake oil are relatively frequent replacement parts of the cycle, but also relatively easy to problems in the site. If there is inconsistency of the phenomenon of wear, it is best to check the pump dust cover, check the brake guide pin, remove the cleaning and add a small amount of grease, loss to a minimum.

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