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How to replace the brake pads

- Jan 03, 2018 -

How to replace the brake pads:

1. Loosen the handbrake and loosen the hub screw of the wheel to be replaced (note loosening, do not unscrew completely). Top the car with a jack. Then remove the tire. Before moving the brake, it is best to use a dedicated brake fluid spray in the brake system spray to prevent the powder into the respiratory tract, affecting health.

2. Remove the brake caliper's screw (for some vehicles, just unscrew one of them, then loosen the other)

3. Hang the brake calipers with the rope to avoid damaging the brake pipe. Then remove the old brake pad.

4. Use c-clamp to push the brake piston back to the far end. (Please note that before this step, lift off the hood and unscrew the lid of the brake fluid box, because the top of the brake piston, brake fluid level will rise). Install the new brake pad.

5. Replace the brake caliper and torque the caliper screw to the required torque. Replace the tire and tighten the hub screw slightly.

6. Lower the jack and tighten the hub screws thoroughly.

7. Because in the process of changing the brake pads, we will brake the piston to the top, the beginning of the brakes will be empty. After a few steps in succession just fine.

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