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How to judge the vehicle brake shoe wear

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Brake pads, also known as brake shoes, belong to the consumables in use will be gradually worn, wear to the limit when it is necessary to replace, otherwise it will reduce the role of braking, and even the formation of a safety event. Brake shoes are life-safety and need to be treated with caution.


1. Under normal driving conditions, every 5000km traveled to check the brake shoe, not only to check the remaining thickness, but also to check the shoe wear status, whether the two wear the same degree, It is necessary to dispose immediately if we find abnormal situation.

2. Brake shoes are usually composed of iron lining and conflict information two of some composition, must not wait for some of the conflict information are worn before replacing the shoe. For example, Jetta's front brake shoe, the new film thickness of 14 mm, while the replacement of the ultimate thickness of 7 mm, which includes more than 3 mm thick iron liner thickness and nearly 4 mm conflict data thickness. Some vehicles with a brake shoe alarm function, once reached the wear limit, the appearance of the alarm prompts to replace the shoe. To reach the limit of the shoe is necessary to replace, even if can still be used for some time, will also reduce the role of braking, driving safety.

3. To replace the original spare parts supply brake pads, as long as this can make the brake pads and brake disc between the best braking effect, wear the least.

4. Replace the shoe when it is necessary to use special tools to brake the top of the sub-pump. Can not use other crowbar hard pressure back, so easily lead to twisting brake caliper guide screw, brake stuck.

5 After replacement, be sure to step on a few feet brake to eliminate the gap between the shoe and brake disc to form the top no foot brake, easy to show trouble.

6. Brake shoe replacement, need to run 200 km to reach the best braking effect, just for the shoe to be cautious.


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