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How to identify the true and false ceramic brake pads?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

method one:

The use of color to distinguish between ceramic brakes: Some professionals called "bone gray", looks a bit like a pebble surface but there will be no thorns. There may be thorns bright high branches of the metal brake pads may also contain a small amount of ceramic, Contains a lot of metal. We all know the metal on the table to see what color.

Method Two:

Hand rub: Ceramic brake pads with your fingers across the brake pad surface will not leave any black or other color on the hand, of course, the exception of dust.Metal brake pads in this way will leave the metal in the hands of black ink.

Method three:

Specifically with water, wet, ceramic brakes with water is not raw embroidery: metal brakes We all know that the original factory and deputy factory are sealed before the opening of Kaifeng. Not to mention clean water, not to open the packaging there for a day or two Will be embroidered.

Method four:

After the trial, the ceramic brake pads and brake disc friction is white powder, will not hurt the brake disc: metal brake pads are black powder, we all know that it is containing a variety of carbon and other corrosive powder. These are like Zhongli An made of ceramic brake pads can see good results.

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