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Ceramic brakes in the end is good to use

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Ceramic brake pads are not ordinary ceramic materials, but 1700 degrees high temperature carbon fiber and silicon carbide synthesis of reinforced composite ceramics, many customers in the first contact, will ask: ceramic brakes in the end good or bad?

(1) First of all, the weight of ceramic brakes only half of the ordinary brake pads less, lighter brake pad means that under the weight of the suspension. This allows the suspension system to react more quickly, thus improving the overall level of control of the vehicle.

(2) ordinary brake pads are easy under the full braking due to heat fever fever, and ceramic brake disc can be effective and stable resistance to thermal recession, the heat effect than ordinary brake pads many times higher.

(3) the ceramic brake pads can produce the greatest braking force at the initial stage of the brake, so there is no need to brake the auxiliary system, and the overall braking is faster and shorter than the traditional brake system. In order to resist high heat, Pistons and brake pads between the ceramic insulation, ceramic brakes have extraordinary durability, if the normal use is life-free replacement, and ordinary cast iron brake discs generally use a few years to be replaced.

Through the above points we can see that the ceramic brake pads than ordinary brake pads long life, and can improve the level of control of the entire vehicle, and, according to some have changed the ceramic brake pads reflect the customer, for the ceramic brake pads After, you can also reduce fuel consumption, you may wish to try in exchange for.

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